Richard creates and produces fine handmade furniture and architectural work from his workshop in Leicestershire. Richard is well known in the 'inner circle' for his traditional approach - using hand tools extensively. He also writes for British Woodworking which is where I first came across him, recreating a section of one of the Titanic's handrails - using only period handtools (issue 29, May '12).

If you happen to find yourself on Regent Street and wander into Burberry (no.121)... parts of the stairway handrails there were made by Richard. Not the easy straight bits of course, just the compound curves. All done using old hand tools, solid oak.

Richard has a fine collection of vintage tools and in particular, hand planes (more about his favourite tools is here). He's quiet, unassuming and very knowledgeable. His architectural work really stands out. There aren't so many around these days that really know this much about traditional design, detailing and construction - and the difference is in the detail.

Richard Arnold Traditional Joinery